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See what others say about working with Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger and his team of sales and marketing experts.

Testimonial from cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson, founder Natural Heart Doctor
Testimonial from Barry Wilson, owner of WIlson Auto Repair in Texas
Todd LeVeque Eastman Kodak Document Imaging Division
Todd LeVeque
Eastman Kodak Document Imaging Division

“Kodak team members were excited to see their customers excited and enthused and outwardly willingly to expound on the business growth strategies and tactics Brian discussed. Kodak partners who attended Brian’s sessions now view these strategies and tactics as being integral sources of revenue generation, and as such, a focus of their overall strategy.”

Tammy Beil
My Alarm Center

“I engaged Brian’s firm to write our consumer blogs and help drive SEO results. He is very knowledgeable and put together an effective strategy to help drive traffic to our website, My Alarm Center. Brian was extremely generous with providing ideas and his writing capabilities are exceptional. He met every deadline and provided quality work. I highly recommend Brian and his team for any SEO and blogging assignments.”

Nathan Ridnouer
Specialty Equipment Market Association

“Each opportunity we have to present him to our audiences, the results are record attendance and glowing evaluations. If you have the opportunity to work with Mr. Offenberger, I highly recommend him. His presentations are easy to follow and filled with a tremendous amount of practical information that can be applied to any small or large business.”

Chris Ripper Chux Trux
Chris Ripper
Chux Trux

“Brian’s expertise in online / inbound marketing can truly help any company, of any size, who wants more business, wants measurable results, and expects a return on their investment. The cherry on top is that Brian isn’t someone full of hot air. He does what he says will do, and holds himself and his team accountable for results. All of his suggestions typically pay for themselves in short order.”

Lisa Morgan
Strategic Rainmakers - Marketing Strategist

“Brian is a savvy business professional and he has also earned the entertainment designation of “talent.” He and I have been working together in several capacities over the past couple of years and it is always a joy to work with him. As a co-host and as a moderator at the Online Market World event which I chair he has continually demonstrated unflinching dedication to getting the job done and laughing along the way. Brian is someone you can trust completely which is a rare bonus in today’s business environment.”

Tim Cox Quiet Ride Solutions
Tim Cox
Quiet Ride Solutions

“Brian’s team did an analysis of the site and made a number of sweeping recommendations. We made the changes and saw an immediate 12 percent increase in traffic and sales. In the next phase, Brian took a deeper look at our website and brought to light additional problems in our page coding. Once that work is completed, I know we will see an immediate change in our website”

Maria Malice Arizona Alarm Association
Maria Malice
Arizona Alarm Association

“Brian spoke at our November meeting and he was entertaining, held the crowd the entire time, gave excellent ideas for ways to increase sales and look at new avenues for obtaining prospects. Most importantly the reviews from all that attended were excellent. He brought value and insight to our members. As you are looking for speakers for future meetings I hope you will consider him.”

Greg Westhoff President, Alarm Funding Associates
Greg Westhoff
President, Alarm Funding Associates

“I do want to tell you that everyone thought you did a great job and our partners thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I will be surprised if you don’t get a number of calls from our partners asking for help regarding sales. I would be proud to endorse your professional presentation to any group that may be looking for sales or marketing advice.”

Michael Culmer Hue & Cry, Inc.
Michael Culmer
Hue & Cry, Inc.

“Brian is a world class entrepreneur and encourages others in business to do as he does. In my opinion he is also a marketing expert that has not steered me wrong in my business transactions. If you trust him with your business future you will not be disappointed. I consider Brian a friend and a confidant.”

Liz Lombardo SEMA Show attendee
Liz Lombardo
SEMA Show attendee

“Yours was the first seminar that I have been to recently where I actually felt like I learned something. I appreciated the fact that you spoke on a level that I understood. I’m like you…in a generation where I did not learn computer in school, so it was nice to actually understand what the instructor was talking about.”

David Simon Simonsezz Marketing
David Simon
Simonsezz Marketing

“I’ve never encountered a system that generated leads so quickly. I never knew you could use Twitter as a prospecting tool… now I can’t live without it. I also love the competitor activity monitoring and your easy ways to generate sales leads through Facebook. Brilliant!”

Monica Terlouw Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
Monica Terlouw
Specialty Equipment Market Association

“Your workshop was one of the main reasons for the success of our Ohio event – thank you. Many of the attendees mentioned how much they enjoyed being able to hang with you during the networking mixer = you’re fun guy too, who knew?”

Kevin Bentz Jeeperz Creeperz
Kevin Bentz
Jeeperz Creeperz

“We’ve been delighted with the results of our Facebook fan page since Brian started working with us. Our fans have doubled, activity on the page has tripled, and we now have a great new source of leads.”

Kim Mitchell ARMO
Kim Mitchell

“Thank you for being at the show. This was the best attended seminar that ARMO has put on so far. Based on the note taking going on and the fact that no one left in the middle is a testament to what a wonderful job you did.”

Jim Lewandowski Omni Security Inc.
Jim Lewandowski
Omni Security Inc.

“I am a former Marketing Manager that has changed careers and moved into the security industry. I attended one of your seminars at the Sands last Week. I wanted to drop you a note to say I really enjoyed your presentation, content matter and visuals.”

Rich Whitlock California Alarm Association
Rich Whitlock
California Alarm Association

“Brian’s knowledge and experience makes him such an incredible resource when it comes to online / inbound exposure. There is always something you can learn from him regarding increasing sales and profits with online marketing. His love for internet marketing, selling and business growth best practices comes through in every presentation. Brian is a pleasure to work with. His straight forward approach gives you clear directives on how to increase leads and sales. Brian has my highest recommendation for anyone’s marketing, sales training, or speaking engagement.”

Les Abrams The Redwood Alliance
Les Abrams
The Redwood Alliance

“I had the opportunity to hear Brian speak about various aspects of social media, internet marketing, SEO basics, benefits of reviews / testimonials on websites like Linked-In, Yelp, Facebook, etc. I’ve heard several other “so called experts” talk about these topics before, but typically walked away more confused, with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo spinning around in my head. Brian on the other hand presented the material in an understandable, non intimidating way. I left the meeting with some valuable tips and ideas that I could easily implement in my business right away. I would absolutely recommend Brian as a guest speaker, he’s professional, highly knowledgeable, well prepared and totally engages the audience.”

Edward Stevens National Security Service
Edward Stevens
National Security Service

“I retained Brian as SEO/On-line marketing consultant for my nationwide security company. He has demonstrated solid up-to-date knowledge of this rapidly evolving and multi-faceted discipline, as well as the capability to effectively implement marketing strategies. But even more than that, I have been even impressed by his ability to recognize, understand and exploit, to our marketing advantage, aspects of our organization and product that differentiate us from our competition. He has a definite creative and empathetic bent that nicely compliments his technical expertise. I highly recommend him.”

Tom Blackman Toyota Parts Center
Tom Blackman
Toyota Parts Center

“Since working with you, sales are up more than 30%!”

Lauren Stark Retail Solutions Providers Association
Lauren Stark
Retail Solutions Providers Association

“You were GREAT. I’m sure many more will take advantage of the recorded session.”

Doug Sanicola Outdoor Elegance
Doug Sanicola
Outdoor Elegance

“Wow. I had no idea that Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube could do all that for my business.”

Dan Hobgood Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
Dan Hobgood
Specialty Equipment Market Association

“Nothing but positive feedback from the entire group. Lots of things we can implement immediately.”

Lauren Stark Retail Solutions Providers Association
Lauren Stark
Retail Solutions Providers Association

“You were GREAT. I’m sure many more will take advantage of the recorded session.”

Carey L. McNeme ISC West
Carey L. McNeme
ISC West

With 30 years in this industry you gave the best class I have attended.”

Ron Anderson Woodside Patrol
Ron Anderson
Woodside Patrol

“Hi Brian, Let me say first that your class was the most relevant class we took out of all the classes I took! I took 9 classes that all had good or great information, but yours was the best.”

Jeffrey Artzi Brake Masters
Jeffrey Artzi
Brake Masters

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long to thank you, but you should know that you enthralled the entire room on Tuesday. Even your sharpest critic James said “I have to admit I was really impressed with Brian”. Now that’s a real compliment from someone who doesn’t hand them out often! Great job sir!!”

David Kearny Oakos Automotive
David Kearny
Oakos Automotive

“Your seminar was the highlight of my whole trip and it has really got me excited about marketing again and I’ve already begun implementing a lot of the things I learned during your presentation.”

Al Breese New Jersey Tire Dealers Association
Al Breese
New Jersey Tire Dealers Association

“Brian, FIRST OF ALL – GREAT MEETING !!! The NJSTDA Members and Board of Directors “Thank You” for your time and effort AND Excellent Presentation. It was received very well and appreciated. If I can be of any help to you with other Tire Dealer Groups, such as New England and New York, I certainly will. THANK YOU AGAIN.”

Bart Barton Drive Train
Bart Barton
Drive Train

“Thanks for the information that you provided, there were a number of ideas that you presented that we will be able to integrate into our marketing program. I will recommend the seminar to associates”

Larry Rizley Riverside Alarm & Security
Larry Rizley
Riverside Alarm & Security

“I attended your training session at the ISC west trade show in Las Vegas last week. I think you are one of the best presenters I have experienced, Thank you.”

Debra Levy President, Key Communications Inc./Glass Expos USA
Debra Levy
President, Key Communications Inc./Glass Expos USA

“Our company has had the good fortune to work with Brian Offenberger as a speaker at a number of our trade shows and educations seminars for the glass and window film industries during the past five years. During that time, Brian has done everything from smaller group workshops to keynote conference speeches and a wide variety of topics ranging from organization and priorities to web and social media development. In every single instance Brian’s work has been top-notch. He is an extremely accommodating speaker who is easy to work with. In fact, our attendee evaluations have consistently given Brian’s presentation the highest marks possible—on both content and delivery. Brian is a “meeting planner’s dream” speaker. He delivers. Rarely a day when I am on the road goes by when a previous attendee does not recount how much they valued and enjoyed his presentation. I can think of no group that would not benefit from Brian’s high quality presentations, meticulous planning and personable manner. If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance as you evaluate working with Brian, please feel free to contact me.”

Kay Sever IMC AZ - Institute of Management Consultants
Kay Sever
IMC AZ - Institute of Management Consultants

“I am on the Board of the Institute of Management Consultants (Arizona Chapter). On March 8, 2013 Brian conducted a 3-hour hands-on training session on advanced LinkedIn marketing strategies for our chapter and customized the session for our marketing needs. Brian had provided our group with introductory training last year and was asked back as the result of members requesting hands-on advanced training.

During this session, we brought our laptops and were able to make real-time changes to our own profiles under his direction. Every attendee took away much new knowledge. Brian made sure that all of us understood each key point before moving to the next one so that all of us could build on our new knowledge as the session progressed.

IMC-AZ would highly recommend Brian for his expertise and training talents. Companies, conferences or conventions would benefit from one of Brian’s workshops or keynotes on marketing strategies using social media.”

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