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Dispensary Loyalty Programs: The Magic of Experiential Rewards

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Ideas for Loyalty Programs

Experiential rewards are great things to offer as part of your loyalty program.

Experiential rewards refer to non-material or intangible incentives offered to customers as part of a loyalty program or marketing initiative.

Instead of traditional rewards such as discounts or free products, experiential rewards provide customers with unique and memorable experiences that go beyond the transactional aspect of shopping.

These rewards aim to create emotional connections with customers, enhance brand loyalty, and differentiate your dispensary from competitors.

Experiential rewards can offer unique and memorable experiences for your customers that go beyond traditional discounts or free products.

Here are 13 examples of experiential rewards that dispensaries could provide as part of their customer loyalty program:

  1. VIP Events: Exclusive invitations to VIP shopping events, product launches, or private sales.
  2. Personal Shopping Services: Access to personalized shopping experiences with a dedicated budtender.
  3. Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Guided tours of the dispensary’s facilities, especially those of you who are vertically integrated, to give customers an inside look at the brand.
  4. Workshops and Classes: Complimentary workshops or classes on topics related to your products or industry, such as learning classes from your local glassware supplier.
  5. Meet-and-Greets: Opportunities for customers to meet and interact with brand ambassadors, growers, celebrities, or industry experts.
  6. Wellness Retreats: Access to wellness retreats or spa days as a reward for loyalty.
  7. Culinary Experiences: Invitations to exclusive dining experiences, food tastings, or cooking demonstrations. Partner with area establishments for cross promotion.
  8. Entertainment Events: Tickets to concerts, theater performances, sporting events, or other entertainment experiences.
  9. Exclusive Access to Cultural Events: Invitations to art exhibitions, museum tours, or cultural festivals.
  10. Customization Services: Exclusive access to customization services that identify them as a loyalty program member.
  11. Special Celebrations: Celebratory events or parties for loyal customers, such as anniversary or milestone celebrations.
  12. Volunteer Opportunities: Opportunities for customers to participate in charitable activities or community service projects organized by the dispensary.
  13. Paid or Reward Level Membership Clubs: Membership in exclusive clubs or societies associated with your store, offering additional perks and benefits beyond the standard loyalty program.

These experiential rewards can create lasting memories, strengthen customer relationships, and differentiate your dispensary’s loyalty program from competitors.


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