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Budtender Sales Training

Ideal for dispensaries wanting to grow their average ticket

Imagine if all your budtenders sold as much as your best-selling budtender?

Your best selling budtender isn’t getting different customers than your average budtender, they are just doing more with them.

When you give your budtenders the sales skills they need, every budtender on your team can sell more, way more.

Contact us about sales training for your team and managers. We offer live training in person or via zoom, or training on demand.

  • Have better conversations with customers (which leads to more trust and more sales).
  • Learn how to better understand customers (so you know what products will result in a sale)
  • Present more and higher priced products for higher average order values
  • Discover proper ways to ask for the sale which result in customers saying “I’ll take it”
  • Learn upsell and cross sell techniques at the various stages of the sales cycle

Start growing with Offenbonger today.


Make more sales with better visibility on search engines

We improve your search rankings on Google Maps, the local pack, the local finder, and localized organic search results.

Those dispensaries at the top of the search engine rankings get the bogart’s share of the action. The higher your search engine rankings for search terms in your local market, the more website and in store traffic you will receive.

Our Local SEO methodology is data driven and process oriented and it isn’t sexy. It’s clearly defined, comprehensive, and very systematic. It’s also highly effective.

For more than 15 years some outstanding local businesses have adopted our methods; we’ve also taught our methods to Toyota dealers, Kodak dealers, Lexmark dealers, and to members of some of the country’s largest trade associations. Greater search engine visibility and significant sales improvements are the norm.

We now bring our certified Local SEO expertise to cannabis dispensaries. Are you ready for more sales?


Our automated, integrated platform contains everything your dispensary needs to grow!

  • Reviews – Collect, manage, and amplify customer reviews
  • Webchat – Use webchat and chat bots to convert website visitors into customers
  • Referrals – proactively let your customers refer their friends and family
  • Messaging – interact with customers via text or email from one inbox
  • Surveys – capture real time feedback to better understand your customers
  • Listings – put your dispensary on the map to be found everywhere
  • Social listening – resolve customer issues before they become problems
  • Insights – use AI to break down feedback into trends and reports

Our platform, Local Magnet, is an easy-to-use automated system that is highly effective. It integrates with more than 3000 POS systems. You’ll note a significant lift in sales, lower operating costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

A budtender’s guide to upselling and cross-selling

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