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How Much Are You Leaving On The Table?

Imagine if all your budtenders sold as much as your best-selling budtender.

Let’s find out how much money you would be making. Use the calculator below and enter your numbers:

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Why Do Some Budtenders Sell More Than Others?

Your best-selling budtenders aren’t getting different customers than your average budtenders, they just do more with them…

  • They usually serve more customers, which gives them more opportunities to make sales.
  • Top selling budtenders have better conversations with customers, which builds rapport and trust.
  • They use data and questions to understand their customers, which helps them recommend products that will result in a sale.
  • Top sellers present more products (baller jars vs. grams) and higher priced products, which results in higher average order values.
  • They ask for the sale, which means they get more customers saying, “Yes, I’ll take it!”

Turn All of Your Budtenders Into Top Sellers

How do you turn all your budtenders into top sellers?

Give them the sales skills training they need.

Most dispensaries spend most of their time training budtenders about the plant and the products they carry. And although that training is necessary, it doesn’t help budtenders become top sellers.

When you give your budtenders the sales skills they need – they can all become top producers.

Offenbonger has online and in person sales skill training programs for budtenders and store managers.  Learn more about our programs on this web page.

A budtender’s guide to upselling and cross-selling

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