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Budtender Sales Institute by Offenbonger


Grow budtender sales 15% or more in 90 days or less

Sales training online or in person for budtenders.

Budtender Sales Institute teaches budtenders to sell more while providing superior customer service.

Our training is available online on demand and live in person at your location. Click here for details and pricing.

Want to find out how much more money you could be making with our sales training? Want to know what your revenue would be if all your budtenders sold as much as your top selling budtender? Use our online calculator to find out.

Your best-selling budtenders don’t get different customers than your average budtenders. They just do more with them.

When you give your budtenders the sales skills they need, they can all be top performers!


Best in class training for better sales results

A customer focused process that results in sales.

We teach your budtenders to use a customer-focused selling process – we call it the Budtender Sales Blueprint – and watch as your sales grow 15% or more in 90 days or less. All with customer happiness that would make your mother smile.

Our training includes:

  • Budtender Sales Blueprint – Our six-step process is delivered live or in bite size, interactive videos. Get immediate, lasting results. Grow sales 15% or more in 90 days or less. More than three hours of instruction, 33 videos and other resource guides. See course syllabus here.
  • Quizzes With Each Lesson – We uses quizzes to ensure staff understanding of course materials and their application.
  • Results Tracking – Relevant reporting so your leadership team will know each budtender’s progress with our training.
  • Email and Follow Up Support – Each course participant can get questions answered that are submitted to our help desk and we provide ongoing email tips and tactics in a monthly newsletter sent to all course participants. After all, training does not end simply by taking this program.
  • Flexible Formats – We conduct training online on demand and can do so at your location. Our training is designed to meet the unique needs of your business and your teams.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Our 3-part training program generates results.

The Budtenders Sales Institute’s sales training program is a three-part program.

Part one is the foundation of the program. Your budtenders will learn the Budtenders Sales Blueprint selling system in short, self-paced video lessons and quizzes. We do also offer live versions of this training.

Part two consists of follow-up lessons delivered weekly via email.  These lessons reinforce what budtenders have been taught and focus on real world applications in your dispensary. When you see your budtenders applying what they have learned, you’ll know the Budtender Sales Blueprint is working.

Part three are video lessons delivered twice monthly via email. These lessons focus on advanced concepts in dispensary selling and customer service. These messages keep existing skills sharp and introduce new ideas for further growth and success.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Budtender Sales Institute and our Budtender Sales Blueprint will work for your dispensary. However, if for any reason you decide in the first 14 days that it’s not right for you, let us know and you’ll get a 100% refund. No hassles. No hard feelings. We want you satisfied at all times. Try it out – there is no risk by getting started with the Budtender Sales Institute.

A budtender’s guide to upselling and cross-selling

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