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Salesperson and sales manager training for cannabis product makers

Sales Training for Cannabis Brands

Bonger Salesperson Masterclass

Recommended for new and experienced cannabis salespeople

Your shortcut to better sales results right away

Our skills-based training program gives salespeople a complete process, essential skills, and effective tools to become top performers in just 12 weeks. It’s live online and we also can conduct a condensed version live in person at your location.

One of the best ways to grow sales quickly is through an effective sales team.

However most cannabis product manufacturers leave selling to brokers or hope and pray the people they hire can produce results. This leads to lackluster sales, high employee turnover, and many lost opportunities.

In the Bonger Salesperson Masterclass you will learn the skills and attitudes necessary for a high performing cannabis salesperson. Our training creates lasting performance changes for continual results.

Both newly hired and experienced sales reps can benefit our live, highly interactive training. We combine gamification, adult learning theory, and the psychology of motivation to create an unforgettable experience that gets anywhere from 10-30x the industry-standard results for your salespeople… and for your business.

The best part is our training works in any market, medical and/or recreational. It is cannabis industry specific. Whether it’s a new cannabis salesperson just starting out, or a salesperson you know could be doing better, our training gets results for your company quickly.

Bonger Sales Leader Masterclass

Recommended for frontline sales leaders

Training to create effective sales coaches

Selling Power magazine says a whopping 73% of all sales managers don’t get the training they need to coach a high performing sales team.

Most were great sales reps but never learned how to become high impact sales managers. And although they may have received some sales training and generic leadership training, most have never received the specific sales leadership training they need to effectively manage a team and drive top line results.

That’s why the Bonger Sales Leader Masterclass provides managers with the framework, skills, and tools they need to build, coach, manage, and lead a top performing sales team.

Our live, online training is comprehensive. It addresses five high impact sales management skill areas: recruiting and new hire training, sales coaching, managing sales performance, sales pipeline management, and sales leadership.

Our training is cannabis industry specific, practical to apply, and immediately actionable.

Sales leaders are the most important part of your sales team. They hire. They’re responsible for producing sales results. They coach and manage their teams to greater performance. Sales leaders directly impact your ability to grow revenue and profits.

As cannabis markets become more competitive, great sales leaders are more important than ever before.

Let’s create last leadership habits that benefit your people and your bottom line.

Bonger 1- on -1

Recommended for manufacturers needing customized sales solutions

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

For more than three decades we’ve worked closely with companies in our 1- on -1 programs who all wanted the deepest possible support to avoid mistakes and accelerate sales.

The reason most sales consultants fail to deliver results is because they don’t understand the culture of the cannabis industry and attempt to use a “one-size-fits-all” with sales go-to-market strategies and tactics.

Why settle for a “one-size-fits-all” approach from some bozo that doesn’t know a dab rig from an oil rig when you can get custom-to-you support and guidance as you grow and scale?

The fastest path to lasting sales growth is to leverage the unique strengths of your brand, products, and team. And while you may find some growth following the trail of others, fast, explosive, and sustainable growth will only come by following your own path.

That’s what you get with Bonger 1- on -1. Strategies, tactics, and support tailored to you. Quickly, effectively, with high rewards.

Our goal in 1- on -1 is to help you. We don’t want to become a permanent part of your payroll.

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