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Offenbonger is a cannabis industry marketing agency specializing in sales training for cannabis brands and budtenders.


Offenbonger has deep expertise in sales and online marketing.

For three decades Offenbonger has led sales teams and sales managers to record levels of achievement, teams of two people up to 400.  

Bonger is also certified in local SEO, web usability, email marketing, eMarketing, social media and other marketing disciplines from some of the world’s most prestigious training organizations.

Offenbonger has successfully trained salespeople and sales leaders in a variety of industries, including cannabis salespeople in four states. He and his team have successfully grown sales and online visibility for local retail businesses throughout America.

Our founder, Bonger, is an in demand sales and marketing trainer, hired by companies like Toyota, Lexmark, and Kodak, and some of the country’s leading trade associations, to teach sales tactics and marketing practices that work.


Our combination of industry, sales, and marketing knowledge means we know the best ways to get things done.

Our job is to align your brand, products, and personnel with demand in the marketplace. Our industry experience makes that happen by tapping past knowledge, successes, and insights to help you reach your sales goals.

In the past three years, we’ve sold cannabis products in more than 800 dispensaries in four states. Our sales expertise has been used in many industries and we’ve trained more than 100 award-winning, high achieving salespeople and sales leaders.

We know local search marketing (a biggie for dispensaries) and website conversion practices (another biggie for dispensaries). We know dispensary marketing practices like Snoop Dogg knows weed. Marketing pros voted our founder’s radio show as one of the world’s best sources of online marketing best practices, and our marketing agency has helped local businesses in 42 states to record levels of sales.

Yes, we’re cannabis consumers too. Have been for decades.



Upon leaving his role as Western Regional Director for Siemens, Offenbonger opened a local business digital marketing agency. That agency is known as B Street Local, and it assists companies in 42 states and more than 45 verticals.


For three years Offenbonger led the national sales efforts for publicly traded cannabis company Vext Science (Vapen Brands) in four states. He built go-to-market plans and started sales teams that produced exceptional sales results.


Although there are many sales trainers and marketing agencies, most know very little about making sales in the cannabis industry. Recognizing a market need for experience that generates sales, Offenbonger was formed in 2022.

Meet Bonger

Given a bong and a briefcase at birth, Bonger claims to be a clairvoyant. Torn between the teachings of Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, and Snoop Dogg, he marches to the beat of his own drum. If that’s what explains his marketing brain for cannabis products and dispensaries – so be it. He must be slightly warped too; he has four dogs and a love for the Minnesota Vikings.

Bonger started his career in outside sales and quickly rose to sales and marketing leadership positions. He played a pivotal role in driving record levels of sales for Siemens and Vext Science (Vapen Brands), and his marketing agency has helped hundreds of small business owners grow sales and profits. His radio show about online marketing best practices was voted as one of the world’s top sources for search marketing information and he is a trusted advisor to several startups.

Bonger loves to pontificate when high, which explains his success as a public speaker. He’s been hired to present to companies like Toyota and Kodak and some of the world’s largest trade associations. More than 95% have hired him for repeat engagements.

Bonger’s effective approach to cannabis marketing and sales sets him apart in the industry. He does carry a bong and a briefcase, after all.

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